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  1. Beginner's Forum
    I've recently secured a slightly used USA Trains SD70. I started taking it apart to repair/replace one of the ditchlights and also to add some additional weights. I removed the 8 or 10 medium sized screws with no problems. However, the 2 very small screws near the cab won't come out. I fear...
  2. Beginner's Forum
    Hello all, I thought I would join this forum to get these trains to people that really love them. There are LGB, Accucraft, Bachmann Spectrum & USA Trains as well as model houses, water tower, water mill, gravel works and tracks galore! I’m talking a huge collection! Most are half price or more...
  3. Beginner's Forum
    Starting a new thread to get any insights to owners of Eaglewings products. Live in OH climate with winter, rain, humidity, etc. Investigating putting up a small 50' suspended overhead layout hanging from an outside pavilion. Thinking about making the roadbed out of either: (1) composite...
  4. Public Forum
    I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to obtain any replacement motors for USA train model dockside 0-6-0T. the part # is R20-023 seems like its kinda tricky thanks
  5. Public Forum
    My partner and I are helping a friend sell his extensive collection of model trains. Neither of us know much about trains and we are learning fast. We are not dealers and have no desire to be, so when this stuff is gone, it's gone. Everything you see here is brand new and in the box. To our...
  6. Beginner's Forum
    I recently came into possession of multiple usa trains intermodal container cars (Model #R17118 among others for the curious ones). My question is will the Kadee 906 or 830 body mount couples work on these? Their website isn't exactly clear but it seems that these are the best fit. Thanks for...
  7. Public Forum
    For Sale lists are not permitted on the forums. Please feel free to upgrade to 1st class and use our "classified" listing for that purpose. Thank you - moderator
1-7 of 7 Results