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  1. Wanted
    Anyone have those trucks surplus. Plastic wheels ok, truck mounted coupler ok, not necessary. Thanks, Rob
    $1,000,000 USD
  2. Model Making
    I recently got a super cool, handmade, DRGW water car (Ex Uintah). It has 1:29 Bettendorf on it, but I would love to get prototypical 4' arch bar trucks installed. Please message me if you have a set on your shelf that would work for this. Asking here because budget right now is too small to...
  3. Rolling Stock
    Had some fun weathering trucks this evening. The center pair shipped with nickel-plated wheels, the left set shipped shiny black and the right set shipped flat black. The first two sets left-to-right are Aristocraft-style plastic trucks with metal wheels. The set on the right is Kadee, and is...
  4. Rolling Stock
    Short version: What do most people now use for wheels and trucks in 1:20.3? Longer version: Okay, so I stopped modeling Fn3 about 10 years ago because it was just so hard to remember all the different sizes/scales and I didn't have the space or money for a layout other than in N (so I've been...
1-4 of 4 Results