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  1. Beginner's Forum
    In the planning stages for a garden railway and would appreciate some advice on track. I've seen options for aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and nickel silver rail. After reading pros and cons, I'm leaning toward code 250 nickel silver, which appears to be the priciest (of course). Any reason...
  2. Track, Trestles, Bridges and Roadbed
    Hello :) My name is Milen Peev and I am the author of SCARM - free model train track planning software. I saw the program mentioned in the forum and decided to register and introduce it officially to the members. Yesterday, I published the latest version 0.9.32 and now SCARM can work with more...
  3. Track, Trestles, Bridges and Roadbed
    Have tried using RR-Track and also just laying track out on the ground but very hard to come up with anything interesting. I have included my RR-Track grid with an attempted line but never can get it to match up. I want to use purchased, standard track, mostly LGB, that I have a lot of but...
1-3 of 3 Results