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  1. Track, Trestles, Bridges and Roadbed
    I understand the difference between diameter and radius. My main question is where the diameter is measured from. Would this be between the rails in the center or on the inside or out side rail. I trying to decide if I should weld up some flat bar steel to make O gauge track for outdoors. No...
  2. Track, Trestles, Bridges and Roadbed
    I am laying my track out on the ground, trying to figure out the best route around trees, bushes, and structures. I tried this using RR-Track software but when I take it outside, it nowhere mimics my area. Most likely the result of poor surveying of the exact locations of objects and...
  3. Tools
    Heard of one advertised as a Ttracker. Gripped track for cutting, held it for assembly by little ratchet that pulled it together without lifting track. Help, where can I find it, or something like it?
1-3 of 3 Results