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  1. Track, Trestles, Bridges and Roadbed
    has anyone else had problems with these swtich motors not able to switch one side to the other? I have had to modify the spring inside the black box because its too tight to go back and forth. It will switch consistently in one direction, but I have to manually throw it into the other direction...
  2. Track and Roadbed
    For sale are two electric LGB switches, both with broken ties by switch motor control rods. A couple of the control arms for the switches are broken where connections are made to the switch motor on one part of the slip switch. All rail [points, frogs, etc.] is complete for both switches as can...
  3. Beginner's Forum
    How do you wire LGB 5072 and can it be used to power the LGB 55025 mts switch decoder
1-3 of 3 Results