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  1. RC/Battery Operations
    Happy New Year everyone! The attached PDF is a distillation of five years experience installing batteries, sound decoders, and control systems into G and O scale locos. It explains some of the issues involved and provides some guidance to those considering on board power and wireless control...
  2. Public Forum
    Hello all, I have the Bachmann Spectrum large scale 2-8-0 consolidation, and I've always wanted to put sound in it. Bachmann already has it sound ready with the hollow tender with speaker holes in the bottom and the connectors going to the engine, I just never dished out the $. Everyone...
  3. Indoor Railways
    Hi, Please check out our range of DCC sound projects. We have been working for many years on producing a superior range of loco sound in conjunction with DCKits. Additionally, we have been recording locos in situ with the highest fidelity equipment. Regards, Locoman.
  4. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    Does anyone know if the generic Revo Diesel sound receiver can handle two speakers [8 ohm ea.]? If so, should they be connected parallel, series, or other? Thanks, JimC.
  5. Beginner's Forum
    Hello all, As a newbie, I would appreciate any light anyone could shed on the following: I just purchased a used LGB starter set 72423 (freight train with 1218 loco and tender) which did not come with instructions. The box says "light and smpke" (nothing about sound) but the tender appears to...
1-5 of 5 Results