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  1. Public Forum
    Howdy I'm new to model rail reading but I have some familiarity with working on trains but I have an old aristocraft 0-4-0 train but the smoke unit has unfortunately stopped functioning and I'm wondering does any one have a spare or (a few spares) of thse old units the smoke units part number is...
  2. DCC in Large Scale
    So longtime large scale enthusiast, just recently got back into trains with covid and time at home. Currently I'm modifying the internals on a basically stock connie 2-8-0. So far I have added in a heavy amount of sounds and such using the Tsunami TSU-4400 by Soundtraxx. Works and sounds great...
  3. Beginner's Forum
    The smoke unit in my new Aristocraft Pacific steam locomotive works for a minute or two and then stops. I understand this is a common problem with these units as has been reported here and elsewhere. The thing is, I also have several other Aristocraft locomotives (Dash 9s), and the smoke units...
1-3 of 3 Results