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  1. Model Making
    Last few months I was building a solar powered rail car, freely based on a Billard draisine. It was more an experiment. The model had to be light and was build from plywood, balsawood and cardboard using a universal gearbox with motor (SOL Expert #40212) and solar panel/LED set (Sol Expert...
  2. Model Making
    I am new to scratch building and have chosen to build Westside Lumber Company Caboose #3 as it was in the year 1940. This is a build log and a learning experience for me. Please feel free to share your ideas on scratch building with wood, brass and styrene. High Hopes, Corbin
  3. Model Making
    Someone on another forum was asking about passenger car diaphrams, so I shared how I made mine for Pullman passenger cars. Here are some pictures and of the jigs that I made to make them. The material is a light oil cloth that I bought from Joann's fabrics, in miniature looks like the real...
1-3 of 9 Results