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  1. Public Forum
    I have done a few Revolution install for Rosenberg RR Museum and I got one that is really giving me a hard time. All my own locos are battery with Revolution and work great. The museum has a garden RR and want to change from DC to Revolution. I did about 6 so far and only small problems. I am...
  2. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    While running today, suddenly the sound on my Revo Diesel unit quit. This is the second of two I bought about 4 months ago [with very little running] that has quit. The speaker used is 8 ohm. I got the first one repaired just as Crest was shutting down. It cost me $40 for repairs on an 8...
  3. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    Suddenly, last Saturday, while running my kitbashed 1/32nd scale GP40, battery powered, with Revolution diesel receiver, which uses USAT NW2 motor blocks, the transmitter lost linking and the train became a run-a-way. It had been run successfully many times previously. I noticed that there were...
  4. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    Does anyone know if the generic Revo Diesel sound receiver can handle two speakers [8 ohm ea.]? If so, should they be connected parallel, series, or other? Thanks, JimC.
  5. RC/Battery Operations
    Our club has been converting many of our track powered locos (G-scale) over to either Battery only or Battery/Track power. We have decided to go with the Crest Revo TE for uniformity - So far so good - EXCEPT - with eight locos and 4 hand-held transmitters, when one transmitter is linked to a...
1-5 of 5 Results