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  1. Beginner's Forum
    I am wondering if there is a way to know how much track your transformer can power? I love the Wild West train we purchased 25 years ago, and bring it out for Christmas every year. It came with 14 pieces of track for a large oval. I have purchased additional track, although not quite enough...
  2. Beginner's Forum
    Help! Another power question! I have an in door layout with about 25 signals and switches and 60+ LGB 17000 17100 Track Contacts. I have been powering them with an outdoor lighting system transformer with an output of 15 volts AC. I am finding that if 3 or 4 of the track contacts are turned...
  3. Traditional Power
    I have an LGB Lake George and Bolder set with a Stainz engine that purchased about 20 years ago. I'm currently refurbishing the set, which also includes a PH Hobbies S1001S Digital Steam Sound System. Everything is working pretty well. As you probably know, at the rear of the Stainz engine...
1-3 of 3 Results