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power supply

  1. FOR SALE Bridgewerks power supply, aristocraft transmitter and receivers

    Power and Sound
    I've converted my garden layout to an elevated LIVE STEAM layout and as a result, track power is no longer required. The following is now FOR SALE. 1. BridgeWerks 15 Amp power supply. 2. AristoCraft remote controller/transmitter for controlling multiple tracks. I used it to control two...
  2. P.H. Hobbies, Inc. Model PS3 Power Supply Needs a Fix

    RC/Battery Operations
    I am new to the forum. My father brought a P.H. Hobbies, Inc. Model PS3 3 amp pure DC Filtered throttle power supply over today and asked if I could take a look at it and possibly fix it. I have a multimeter, but I am not sure where I should start to diagnose the issue. We were told at a train...