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  1. Product Reviews
    We purchased this train today, but it only goes in reverse!?? No matter what orientation we put the controller switch in for forward or reverse. All other functionality works fine. We are using an old transformer that worked fine with an Aristocrat train. G scale. Any way to fix? Thoughts?
  2. Beginner's Forum
    so i went to eastside trains yesterday i we bought an LGB track expander set and set that up with my piko starter set around the christmas tree (its going outside in march)
  3. Public Forum
    Hi folks, Our non profit model railroad and train safety program has a lot of different brands of locomotives/trains for kids to operate at our events over the years. Everything from Buddy L to USA Trains, LGB, etc. and due to our rigorous maintenance procedures, momentum control and...
  4. European Models and Prototypes
    I just bought a case of those newqida cars from hammond toys and I'm wondering what type of loco would normally be found pulling cars like this. I don't have much knowledge of the euro stuff. My budget would be around 5-7 hundred. I've looked at sites selling piko and lgb locos but I'm not...
1-4 of 4 Results