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  1. Bmmc

    Live Steam
    Ok. I got a new-to-me Mogul. Nevada County. on the butane tank, and on the frame underneath are Accucraft tags labeled BMMC. I am familiar with AMMC. What does, or did BMMC stand for?:)
  2. Accucraft Mogul Not Firing Right

    Live Steam
    Hello All, I have recently acquired an Accucraft Nevada Shortline mogul from a co-worker of mine. Beautiful locomotive that pulls very well on my rugged railroad compared with my much smaller forney. One problem though, it runs like a champ...for about the first 15 minutes. It makes it through...
  3. Bachmann Mogul Low on Power/Speed

    Beginner's Forum
    Hello folks. I'm relatively new to the hobby and I have a question. I have a Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 Mogul that appears (to me) to be low on speed and power. The locomotive is from Bachmann's newer run and I have owned it for just over a year. I don't have much run time on it, maybe 10...
  4. Step-By-Step Installation of an LGB 65001 Sound unit in a 2019s Mogul

    Sound Systems
    I am new to the forums, and there are no threads on how to install an LGB 65001 in a 2019s mogul. So, I decided to do it myself. Can anyone tell me a step-by-step installation of the Sound Unit? Grant
  5. LGB Mogul Factory sound board

    Beginner's Forum
    Hi, I have a 25192 C&S #7 Mogul, and a few years back it had a few issues where it needed to have it's soundboard removed. I want to have a new one installed. Do you know where I could find one? Thank you.
  6. Barry's Big Trains New LGB 2-6-0 Mogul Conversion Prototype

    Public Forum
    This post is an update on a long time running project to convert a standard LGB Denver and Rio Grande 2-6-0 Mogul into a Disneyland Railroad locomotive. (Not an exact replica) This locomotive needed to be capable of pulling 11 cars and have the durability to stand up to thousands of children...
  7. Wanted: LGB Telegrams - Summer 2000/Spring 2001

    In the Summer of 2000 and Spring of 2001 LGB Telegrams there are 3 articles I would like to have or at least read. They are: Quarter Year Vol No Page Title Summer 2000 11 2 23 Adding Sound to an LGB Mogul Roger Treadwell...
  8. LGB 2019s Sound Problem ?

    Sound Systems
    I have an LGB 2019s Mogul Locomotive which is not functioning correctly. Garbled bell sounds occur while the locomotive is running. I have also heard a muffled stuck whistle sound while running. Otherwise, chuff sounds are normal, start up sounds and bell/whistle sounds function normally...