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  1. Model Making
    Have come across a picture of a HO scale Snow Crab. I can't find any details and the picture is too small to pull any dimensions to build in 1:20.3 Does anyone recognize this photo and can steer me to a source for proto type or dimensions. Below is a picture
  2. Model Making
    Does anyone have a good source for 0-80 threaded rod Thanks
  3. Model Making
    Does anyone have a good source for 1:20.3 5/8" NBW ? Thanks
  4. Model Making
    Does anyone have a good source for deck clutter i.e. Barrels, boxes, tie plates, spikes etc. looking for 1:20.3 scale
  5. Model Making
    Is there a good alternative over the counter thinner for Tru-Color paint. This would be for cleaning air brush / paint brush.
  6. Model Making
    Does anyone have a source for 1:32 Beam mount link & pin couplers
  7. Model Making
    Silly question. If 1/2" = 1 Ft is 1:24 scale, what is 1:20.3 ??
  8. Model Making
    Building a Hartford Products Rail and Tie car and need a source for rail. What gauge / code would be correct 1:20.3. I would prefer not to buy track and strip the rail from the ties Thanks
  9. Model Making
    Does anyone have a good source for Accucraft AP11-738 couplers
  10. Model Making
    Does anyone have access to the current list of Tru-Color RR paints? Have looked at their web site, doesn't look like its been up dated since 2015. Are they still in business
  11. Model Making
    Any recommendations on what paint to use for D&RGW MOW gray ??
  12. Model Making
    Attempting to build a Von Allen Pickle Tub Car in 1:20.3. Any suggestions on what to use for the tub hoops and turnbuckles ?
  13. Model Making
    I have an 18 year old Hartford kit with dry transfer decals. Does anyone know how to check if the adhesive is still good ?? Is there anyway to reactivate it if it is bad ??
  14. Model Making
    Hi, I have an Aristo Craft C-16 that I want to do something with. Its a great runner and it tracks well, but I model 1:20.3 and I don't really have much of a use for it. I would like to find some way to kit bash it into a 1:20.3 model of some sort. Has anyone attempted this? If so I would love...
  15. Model Making
    I have a need to layout some parts for laser cutting. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best software to use for drawing the parts and creating the appropriate output file for a laser cutter??
  16. Model Making
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cut mortise & tenon joints for sill / end sill connections ?? Tenons would seem to be straight forward but the matching mortise is the question
  17. Model Making
    Does anyone have any suggestions concerning the bending of 1:20.3 scale Truss Rods. Looking for any suggested tools, jigs, slick ideas to accurately fabricate these pesky things. Thanks
  18. Model Making
    I have the interior for the Hartford Estates Caboose for sale. The interior is new, unopened, Hartford kit number HP-53. Please advise if anyone is interested, $100 or best offer
  19. Model Making
    Does anyone have a recommendation for making 2x8 shiplap floor planking for D&RG boxcars? This would be 1:20.3 scale. It can be scribed but I would like something more true to actual
  20. Model Making
    For D&RGW proto type rolling stock, was there a standard floor plank stock. From proto type drawings it is hard to tell. The planking is lap joint but it looks like there may be variations from 2x5, 2x6 and 2x8. Was there a standard by car type ie. Boxcar, flat car, stock car etc ? Thanks