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  1. Live Steam
    I think I may have made my own valve gear using a simulation and physics game called Algodoo. I'm thinking of calling it Chernisky Valve Gear. Here's what it looks like... Neutral Forward Reverse Would this set up actually work if it was made?
  2. Model Making
    Does anyone have drawings, sketches, dims for the Sams semi automatic L&P coupler. I'm finishing up a series of 1:20.3 V&T cars dated from the 1890's and they have Sams couplers. Anything related to Tower couplers from the same era would be great as well Thanks
  3. Model Making
    Does anyone have drawings or a source for drawings of the CPRR arch bar swing-motion California style trucks? These were used on V&T combination box cars in the 1870's
  4. Model Making
    Building a set of 4 WSL logging flats obtained from Hartford Products years ago. Color foe these flats should be WSL red. Can anyone advise a close color or a mix formula ??
  5. Model Making
    Building a set of Eureka &Sanoma tender trucks. wheels will be black with white accent on the face of the tread. Which color should I apply first and how to mask the wheel to protect the white face when done ?.
  6. Model Making
    Any recommendations for surface prep on white metal castings ?? Will Krylon gray primer work with Tru-Color spray enamel paints ??
  7. Model Making
    Does anyone have a source for copies of original V&T drawings of rail cars and trucks ? Looking specifically for the ThR 1 engine transfer car and the trucks Thanks
  8. Model Making
    Does anyone have examples, pics, referances for D&RG standard gauge flat car markings from the 1880's. I'm building a proto type D&RG low flat car used to haul narrow gauge engines based on 1890 drawings from the Burnham shops. Any help is much appreciated
  9. Model Making
    I'm looking for info showing markings on a Carson & Colorado 22' 10ton flat car built in the 1880's. I need lettering, placement, IL & IW data etc. a picture would be great or a drawing.
  10. Model Making
    Building an 1881 D&RG boxcar and i'm struggling with color. Can anyone advise what color was used during this time period and a good paint brand / formula ?
  11. Model Making
    Does anyone have a source for code 215 brass rail for 1:20.3 scale
  12. Model Making
    Does anyone have any information on the 1880's / 1890's D&RGW Fruit Car. It is a 34' long over the end sills, has 33" wheels and an hybrid std gauge truck. The truck has coil and leaf springs. Car numbers range from 635 - 644. This is not the Calif fruit car. Any info, drawing ref, pictures etc...
  13. Model Making
    Does anyone have a drawing that shows the brake components, hangers, shoes etc. for D&RG standard gauge trucks with 33" wheels ?? I have the truck drawing but it doesn't show any brake components
  14. Model Making
    Does anyone have recommendations on how to lay up decking without getting glue everywhere. I have 35 pieces of scale 1:20.3 1x7 decking to assemble. Thanks Dave
  15. Model Making
    Have several F scale SPNG cars and am having trouble deciding which trucks are correct. Have the following cars Stock Car Vent Boxcar Coast Boxcar Flat Car All are SP narrow gauge. What tuck is correct ie archbar, Carter Brothers, Thielson, for each car type. What wheel dia, 24" or 26" and...
  16. Model Making
    Just finished the Hartford Products 1:20.3 scale SPNG boxcar. Using 20 ton thielson trucks, Hartfort T-17, with 26" wheels. The centerline of the coupler has a scale height of 30", is this correct?? Looking in Slim Lines, it looks like typical wheels are 24".
  17. Model Making
    Anyone have good tips for gluing a vertical post to a side sill. End grain on a post is always a problem and I have 13 to do. First trial attempt failed. I have thought of gussets but these will cause interference with box that the post/side sill goes around. Notching the side sill is out...
  18. Model Making
    I'm finishing up a Rail & Tie car and working on deck clutter. I have alum rail to put on the deck but am having trouble aging it. I've tried Blacken-it and a Pewter wash, nothing works so far. Any suggestions on how to blacken / age it ?? Tried flat black, looks terrible
  19. Model Making
    Currently building a 17' and 25' D&RGW Caboose. These are Hartford kits I've had for sometime. Would like to put interiors in them. Does anyone have a source for the interior layouts, dimensions for these two Cabooses?
  20. Model Making
    It is my understanding that Sierra Valley is no longer making wheel sets. Does anyone have a source for 1:20.3 26" wheel sets??
1-20 of 41 Results