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  1. Live Steam
    I have an Aster Jumbo for sale at $2,200. I also have 4 near mint J & M Great Northern 3 axle coaches which are also for sale and which were pulled by the Jumbo in real life. Coaches are $4,000 and will be sold only as a group. The locomotive and coaches will be available for inspection at...
  2. Live Steam
    I know this is the live steam category, but this should be very similar to an electric Cab-Forward that we have. Does anyone know how to separate the super structure from the base that holds the wheels and driving rods? I asked Cliff over at Accucraft, and he said he doesn't know. And we have...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    :confused: I wanted to see if anyone had a breakdown of an Accucraft Cab-Forward (track power), but can't find a Locomotive Forum anywhere. How is that possible on this wonderful site! Am I missing something? Please let me know. Dennis Sirrine (Palo Verde and Southwestern Railroad)
1-3 of 3 Results