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  1. RC/Battery Operations
    I’ve been thinking about using an 18 or 20 volt Dewalt battery to power my rails on an LGB outdoor railroad. Amazon has an adapter that takes the battery to a positive and negative wire, and with a 5012N throttle I’m thinking there’s a chance... Is there a sparky that has done this? Do I...
  2. News
    I have a lot of LGB locomotives and cars, German and Swiss models mostly. I also have a lot of track, switches, etc., and several G-Scale buildings, German and Swiss. I WANT TO GIVE ALL OF THIS TO A G-SCALE club or group or individual. I live in Iowa, and the trains all belonged to my late...
  3. Beginner's Forum
    I will soon be in possession of a Polo 940 crossing gates. Understanding what makes the gates go up and down is a bit of a mystery. They are electric and I need to know what type of switch the train can trigger in order for the gates to operate correctly. Anyone with knowledge of this old...
  4. Beginner's Forum
    sorry if this is discussed in other places but have 2 questions. newbie just getting started and i picked up some good used track the other day. 1. I have REA track which looks to be the precursor to Aristocraft. it has the screw in the rail joiners/connectors. my question is does it only...
  5. Beginner's Forum
    Hello all, I am new to the forum but not new to g scale railroading. To the question at hand, I picked up a LGB 2017 d engine and powered tender in a small lot of LGB stuff. I enjoy these little engines because they're good runners and was excited to add a power tender to my collection...
  6. Beginner's Forum
    Found my problem with the Stainz. Motor is toast. Turns a bit stiffly, does not respond with power applied directly to the two copper tangs that go to the brushes..Before I try to source an OEM motor, is there a suggested upgrade motor for the task?
  7. Traditional Power
    I just bought a well worn Stainz 0-4-0 and went to test it. Using a Bachman 3amp variable power supply, the voltage goes up, the amps stay at zero. I even hooked up the power by a set of test leads to the skates. No joy. I've used this power supply on LGB locos in the past and there was no...
  8. Product Reviews
    Hello again! THIS VIDEO IS RECORDED BY KIDS FOR KIDS WITH VIEWS OF EXTRA EQUIPMENT INCLUDED. This powerful Marklin/LGB SD-40 locomotive shows it's capabilities quite well in this video. The locomotive can creep along at an amazing 1 MPH and has a fantastic DCC system installed with analog...
  9. DCC in Large Scale
    I use LGB's MTS III to power my railroad. I am in the process of wiring up a reverse loop and wye and need to bring my main power feeder to various points on the layout. I also want to set things up so I can power building lights and other accessories in the future. I own a LGB Distribution...
  10. DCC in Large Scale
    I am building a layout that includes one reverse loop and one wye. I plan to use two 55085 modules to make this work. Several questions: 1. How would you wire up the wye on my layout? Please refer to the attached layout diagram. I have added the letters “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and "E" so you can...
  11. Track and Roadbed
  12. Track and Roadbed
  13. Public Forum
    Hi folks, Our non profit model railroad and train safety program has a lot of different brands of locomotives/trains for kids to operate at our events over the years. Everything from Buddy L to USA Trains, LGB, etc. and due to our rigorous maintenance procedures, momentum control and...
  14. Track and Roadbed
    Track sold
  15. Sound Systems
    I am new to the forums, and there are no threads on how to install an LGB 65001 in a 2019s mogul. So, I decided to do it myself. Can anyone tell me a step-by-step installation of the Sound Unit? Grant
  16. Beginner's Forum
    Hi, I have a 25192 C&S #7 Mogul, and a few years back it had a few issues where it needed to have it's soundboard removed. I want to have a new one installed. Do you know where I could find one? Thank you.
  17. Beginner's Forum
    Hello, I have a 1991 Lehmann 92677 Lake George and Boulder "Rocky" train set that I have used as a Christmas train since new. Always been a little under powered for the number of cars I would like to pull, so this year bought a used powered tender. Ran fine for a couple of weeks, but now -...
  18. Public Forum
    LGB Catalogs. 1968 to the present. http://www.lgbtrains.org/lib/catalogs/en/index.html
  19. Public Forum
    This post is an update on a long time running project to convert a standard LGB Denver and Rio Grande 2-6-0 Mogul into a Disneyland Railroad locomotive. (Not an exact replica) This locomotive needed to be capable of pulling 11 cars and have the durability to stand up to thousands of children...
1-19 of 25 Results