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  1. Model Making
    This is an sm32 tender I made from basswood planks and a couple 3D printed parts. I found a flat car file on thingiverse and sent it to a friend for printing. The water tank on the back came with my heavily modified Mamod. It was used as a battery box for RC by the previous owner. I plan on...
  2. Model Making
    Hey i' scourer-ed around ebay and found a LGB Chassis (one for the American 0-4-0 Locomotive i think) if anyone could let me know about a person or group who makes shells i could use this chassis on, let me know and supply me with a link i you can. => FritterBiskut
  3. Live Steam
    Hello all, It's been quite a few years since I've frequented this board, but I recently picked up an Aster/Accucraft Light Mikado kit and I'd like to document the build here. It will receive an almost entirely new chassis (saving only the driver wheelsets), a coal fired boiler, and a number of...
1-3 of 3 Results