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  1. Diamondhead - Scotch Tasting Event

    Live Steam
    FOUR YEARS and counting for what has become a fun event during the annual Diamondhead International Steam-up. Please let me know if you plan to participate in our annual Scotch Tasting. Rules are simple: Bring a single malt to share - You must bring one to participate. Bring your own tasting...
  2. Diamondhead - Scotch Tasting

    Live Steam
    For those who wish to participate in the Third Annual Scotch tasting at the 22nd Annual Diamondhead International Small Scale Steamup, bring one of your favorites and POST A NOTE HERE so we know what to expect. We'll work out a schedule for the time(s) as soon as we have a handle on Live...
  3. Help - free streaming video - diamondhead 2015

    HELP! I am searching for a software/site provider which will allow live streaming of video to the Internet. Stickam, a service I have used in the past no longer provides the service. Two years ago, I set up a video camera in the atrium at the Diamondhead International Steamup and got...
  4. Diamondhead Countdown

    Live Steam
    Only 30 more days for you to register for Diamondhead 2015 and be able to guarantee receipt of shirts, aprons and pins. November 1 is the deadline and after that date the registration fee will increase from $85 to $100. You can register online at http://www.diamondhead.org and pay when you...