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  1. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    Thanks for stopping by to help a newbie here (if possible). I have a pair of MTH Dash-8 locos controlled via DCS android app on LGB brass track via the following components (with 10/10 signal at all times): Z-1000 PSU: 40-1000A | MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS (18VAC @ <5.5 A) TIU + Wifi DCS: 50-1036 |...
  2. Other Proprietary Control Systems
    I don't know the answer to this. The DCS system puts out nominal 24 volts and I have to run NWSL 12 volt motors, they don't have 24 volt motors, so If I run the motors in series, will the motors respond as if they were one 24 volt motor? I could operate at half throttle, but I would rather...
1-2 of 2 Results