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  1. Beginner's Forum
    I currently have an analog LGB layout that runs one Christmas trolley (72351) end-to-end with the shuttle timer and I have questions about upgrading my layout that I'm hoping you can help me with: Is it possible to create two analog fully automated reversing loops on either end of my end-to-end...
  2. DCC in Large Scale
    So I have fallen down the rabbit hole of model train DCC systems for my upcoming layout construction. I will share with you what I have come across, and believe I can make work OUTDOORS for Block Occupancy Detection. So to start, I am going to be running my trains battery power and controlled...
  3. DCC in Large Scale
    Im using a LokPilot XL4 (without a lokprogrammer or software). I am struggling to make sense of the instructions from ESU on function mapping tables and how the conditions block etc work together. I have no problem programming the CV's one by one for the limited uses Im using this chip for, but...
  4. DCC in Large Scale
    I am trying to add DCC to my LGB LCE (90950) train set. I am not experienced with DCC but understand the decoder goes between the track pickups and the motor. I have disassembled the truck which contains the pickups, drive wheels and motor and apart from two pairs of unmarked pins sticking up I...
  5. Indoor Railways
    Hi, Please check out our range of DCC sound projects. We have been working for many years on producing a superior range of loco sound in conjunction with DCKits. Additionally, we have been recording locos in situ with the highest fidelity equipment. Regards, Locoman.
  6. Sound Systems
    Hello Everyone, My friend and I recently installed an RC and Battery system in a Bachmann 3 truck shay locomotive. The locomotive has an Airwire CONVRTR paired with a Tam Valley Booster. The motor control and sound is a LOK Sound XL decoder with shay sounds. The locomotive runs great except for...
  7. DCC in Large Scale
    Hello all, Long time no chat! I was wondering what is a fair price to install a DCC decoder in a non-DCC engine? Price to include sound, lights, etc. Any ideas of fair ranges of price? Thanks Rich
  8. European Models and Prototypes
    Hey I wondered if anyone had played with one of ICE toy trains? There is an upgrade kit which I guess is more powerful motors. Are they 3 wire or 4? I think it would be cool to get one running on my DCC setup. Any thoughts? ..tjq
1-8 of 8 Results