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battery power
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  1. RC/Battery Operations
    I’ve been thinking about using an 18 or 20 volt Dewalt battery to power my rails on an LGB outdoor railroad. Amazon has an adapter that takes the battery to a positive and negative wire, and with a 5012N throttle I’m thinking there’s a chance... Is there a sparky that has done this? Do I...
  2. Beginner's Forum
    Here's a REAL newbie question. If you're using a battery-powered locomotive, and the track doesn't have any power, how does the caboose get power to operate its lights? Same for passenger cars, etc. I'm considering going with battery power instead of track power, so this is a head-scratcher for...
  3. Beginner's Forum
    The smoke unit in my new Aristocraft Pacific steam locomotive works for a minute or two and then stops. I understand this is a common problem with these units as has been reported here and elsewhere. The thing is, I also have several other Aristocraft locomotives (Dash 9s), and the smoke units...
1-3 of 3 Results