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  1. Repainting Bachmann Big Hauler cars.

    Rolling Stock
    Hi all, I'm new here. Not new to model railroading though. I got these Bachmann cars on the bay. I can't stand that plastic fantastic toy look though. So, I started with removing the heralds from the caboose with paint stripper. Then I repainted both cars with Scalecoat mineral red paint...
  2. New You Tube Model Train Videos For Kids/Imagination Station KOT

    Here is a few of our new videos recently posted to You Tube. We thought kids and kids heart might enjoy viewing some of our garden railroad equipment in operation. Kids who are serving community service with our program or are volunteering their time to help out occasionally like to make videos...
  3. Bachmann Mogul Low on Power/Speed

    Beginner's Forum
    Hello folks. I'm relatively new to the hobby and I have a question. I have a Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 Mogul that appears (to me) to be low on speed and power. The locomotive is from Bachmann's newer run and I have owned it for just over a year. I don't have much run time on it, maybe 10...
  4. Replacing Bachmann Trolley Wheels

    Beginner's Forum
    I recently picked up an old Bachmann Christmas Trolley at an estate sale. When tested it would only run a couple inches then stop. Opening the Motor Block revealed the gears on both axles had cracked making them bind after one revolution. Bachmann still carries replacement axles with gears...
  5. Bachmann C-19!! My first Fn3 loco

    Rolling Stock
    I finally have something to show off. Always wanted a garden railroad, will have one in maybe two years. Meanwhile I purchased this C-19. I know, I know, the livery isn't all black. But I'm going to be staring at it while it sits on the shelf for awhile, and the silver and yellow show up a lot...
  6. Loose Drive Wheels on the Big Hauler

    Beginner's Forum
    Greetings, Many years ago, I picked up a Milwaukee Road Bachmann Big Hauler set to run around the Christmas tree once a year. Unfortunately, in just 2 Christmas seasons of just a few hours run time, it failed with a broken gear in the drive. I sent it back to Bachmann and they repaired it...
  7. Imagination Station Kids On Track/Interactive Train Programs For Children (YouTube)

    Clubs and Associations
    :)Imagination Station Kids on Track is a G and HO scale model railroad and train safety program out of E. Helena, Montana. We set up model railroad displays with interactive activities and train operations for children and their families across the west coast and Northwest areas at no cost to...
  8. Bachmann 4-6-0 front pilot rebuild

    Model Making
    On my new bachmann annie chassis, The front pilot truck literally fell apart sending the engine off a grade and it looked like the wreck from back to the future III.:eek: right after this kitbashed loco was finished!, and this proves Once again that the bachmann 4-6-0's pilot truck still needs...
  9. Dismantle Bachmann Spectrum 2-truck Shay

    MasterClass & Articles
    I am converting a Bachmann 2-truck Shay to Dead Rail operation. When I opened it up, it is full of electronics for DCC, lights, sound, smoke, and maybe other things. In order to install the radio receiver, controller, and sound board, I'll need to remove the other things. And maybe there is...