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  1. Best way to remove shay axle

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    Hay all, I am trying to replace the broken plastic gear on the axle of my 2 truck shay. Question I have is how do I keep the contact ball bearings from flying across the room when I pull the axle? First try was a miserable failure but fortunately they did not go far. As a follow up, i will also...
  2. Shay Axle removal

    Beginner's Forum
    What is the best way to remove the axle on a Bachmann 2 truck shay without having the contact ball bearings flying out? Same question in reverse for putting it back in. Thanx
  3. Bachmann Annie vs Non Annie how canyou tell the difference

    Beginner's Forum
    How can you tell an Annie locomotive from the earlier style ones? I thought I saw a thread on here about someone having a motor that would improve performance on the earlier models