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  1. Repainting Bachmann Big Hauler cars.

    Rolling Stock
    Hi all, I'm new here. Not new to model railroading though. I got these Bachmann cars on the bay. I can't stand that plastic fantastic toy look though. So, I started with removing the heralds from the caboose with paint stripper. Then I repainted both cars with Scalecoat mineral red paint...
  2. Bachman Lighted Passenger Cars

    Rolling Stock
    Hey all, I was sent to your forum by Bachmann itself. I have a question on how to go about changing/replacing or even removing the lights in a Bachmann Lighted Passenger Car or Combo. How is it done? I have two separate passenger cars needing lighting work. One with a bad/burned out light, and...
  3. Bachmann Mogul vs Digitrax DCC

    Beginner's Forum
    I am installing a DG583S in a new model Bachmann 2-6-0, using the (DC) Jumper PC Board with wires. Also installing a Soundtrax Tsunami 2 sound board. The Bachmann Jumper has wires numbered J1-1 through J1-12 and J2-1 through J2-12. The DG583S has input pins 1 - 8 and 8 function outputs. My...
  4. Scale

    Beginner's Forum
    Being new to this outdoor part of model railroading, I am spending a lot of time reading everything I can about it as I plan my railroad. This site is full of information. One thing that puzzles me is that most of the people who appear to be real "experts" here seem to all say their railroad is...
  5. Bachmann g scale 4-4-0

    RC/Battery Operations
    Hello, I Have a question. I trying to see what kind of rc i can use for my Bachmann 4-4-0. Any suggestions?
  6. Aristo Craft Revolution in Bachmann LS

    Beginner's Forum
    I've been tasked with installing a Aristo-Craft Revolution into a Bachman large scale. I was told it is a simple installation mainly a plug-n-play but can't find any information on how to perform the installation. Can anyone help?
  7. Aristo Craft Revolution Install

    Beginner's Forum
    I've been tasked with installing an Aristo Craft Revolution CRE-57002S into a Bachmann Large Scale Steam engine I believe is a K-19 however I can't find any information on how to do this and once installed how to test it. Can anyone help?