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  1. Beginner's Forum
    sorry if this is discussed in other places but have 2 questions. newbie just getting started and i picked up some good used track the other day. 1. I have REA track which looks to be the precursor to Aristocraft. it has the screw in the rail joiners/connectors. my question is does it only...
  2. Beginner's Forum
    I recently purchased about 150' of used Aristocraft 332 brass track. It's in good condition, but the rails are oxidized and the ties have a bit of leftover glue on them from where the previous owner had mixed glue with his ballast. I want to clean them before laying them. I cleaned one with a...
  3. Rolling Stock
    While I'm not exactly new to G-gauge, it's been a while since I've worked with it. But today, we've begun construction on a proper G-gauge railroad, and it's time to address some of our motive power needs. I was gifted a free Aristo-Craft ATSF RDC-1 a long time ago, and while it's performed...
  4. Photography
    Here is a few of our new videos recently posted to You Tube. We thought kids and kids heart might enjoy viewing some of our garden railroad equipment in operation. Kids who are serving community service with our program or are volunteering their time to help out occasionally like to make videos...
  5. Track and Roadbed
    OOPS! Sorry about the posting in the wrong forum. I tried to delete it but couldn't. I'm searching for a set of instructions for the Aristocraft Rail Bender. If you have a set of instructions, I would appreciate a PDF. Send to: thumper12225ATProdigyDOTNet Thanks, Will
  6. Wanted
    Wanted Aristo Aluminum Streamline cars (baggage, RPO, combine, diner, passenger) with Southern RR roadname. Please.
  7. Beginner's Forum
    Well, I am generally new to G scale railroading. I have just bought an Aristo Pacific but for the life of me cannot find out if it is the old, or new Version! I am not at home now but as soon as I do, I will post pics. I have checked this website http://girr.org/girr/tips/tips2/pacific_tips.html...
  8. Wanted
    I found a Aristo Dash 9, that dont have handrails, Its currently being shipped to me as i type this. Where can i find replacement handrails, or drawings to make my own.....Thanks everyone. - Greg
  9. Public Forum
    My partner and I are helping a friend sell his extensive collection of model trains. Neither of us know much about trains and we are learning fast. We are not dealers and have no desire to be, so when this stuff is gone, it's gone. Everything you see here is brand new and in the box. To our...
  10. Beginner's Forum
    The smoke unit in my new Aristocraft Pacific steam locomotive works for a minute or two and then stops. I understand this is a common problem with these units as has been reported here and elsewhere. The thing is, I also have several other Aristocraft locomotives (Dash 9s), and the smoke units...
1-13 of 13 Results