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  1. Live Steam
    I have one of the early delivered C-18s from Accucraft. I have steamed it inside on my garage layout at 50F and on my newly completed outdoor layout at various temps under 40F. For each temperature and layout I have also used the same consist behind my slightly modified Ruby. I'm a little...
  2. Live Steam
    One of my good friends is having trouble with his Accucraft C19. He’s taken it to the Accucraft dealer in the Bay Area and has gotten little help in fixing his locomotive. He has sent it to a guy up in Oregon that was recommended my Accucraft twice. Still the locomotive won’t run. It steams up...
  3. Wanted
    Hello! I would like to bash my Accucraft Ruby into a Forney, and the most straightforward way is to use one of these kits. They have been out of production unfortunately, so if any of you have one please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Wanted
    I'm looking to buy both an Accucraft SP wooden caboose and UP wooden caboose. If anyone has either one for sale please let me know.
  5. Beginner's Forum
    Hello all, I thought I would join this forum to get these trains to people that really love them. There are LGB, Accucraft, Bachmann Spectrum & USA Trains as well as model houses, water tower, water mill, gravel works and tracks galore! I’m talking a huge collection! Most are half price or more...
  6. Live Steam
    Selling my Accucraft live steam T-12. Has next to no runtime on it runs like a Swiss watch. Added radio control as well as full LED lighting. Hand pump in tender with quick connect fittings. Only reason for selling is its too fast for my small layout. Have factory packaging as well. 2800usd plus...
    $2,800 USD
  7. Wanted
    I am looking for the Accucraft Train Large Scale Electric Live Steam Classic 72-041 Ore Car Box Style that apparently came out in 2008. They can be new or used and hopefully available at a reasonable price. So please check your train storage areas and let me know if you can part with one or many.
  8. New Members Forum
    Hello all, I skipped this step a few months ago when I first joined the forum. But I figure my first anniversary (a little late) of large scale is a good chance to get it done. I've had a Wilesco Model steam roller since 8th grade, used it through high school to do a steam unit for the middle...
  9. Live Steam
    I originally started this idea trying to figure out how to pull my new J&S cars. That thread can be found here.Link to Thread In that thread I was trying to reduce rolling resistance of the cars. But then I thought that I would still have an engine limited to modified cars, or very free...
  10. Live Steam
    Hello all, It's been quite a few years since I've frequented this board, but I recently picked up an Aster/Accucraft Light Mikado kit and I'd like to document the build here. It will receive an almost entirely new chassis (saving only the driver wheelsets), a coal fired boiler, and a number of...
  11. Beginner's Forum
    Having one heck of a time putting an Accucraft refrigerator car back together. There are 8 LONG screws holding the base and the top together and I can't get the screw lined up with the hole. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  12. Rolling Stock
    Two AMS 1.20.3 Open End Gondolas and Two AMS 1:20.3 Idler Flat cars each for less than a set of replacement trucks!!! Run once SOLD
  13. Live Steam
    Hello All, I have recently acquired an Accucraft Nevada Shortline mogul from a co-worker of mine. Beautiful locomotive that pulls very well on my rugged railroad compared with my much smaller forney. One problem though, it runs like a champ...for about the first 15 minutes. It makes it through...
  14. Rolling Stock
    WTB-Used Accucraft D&RGW 1:20.3 Freight cars with delivery to ECLSTS at end of March Looking for a deal on bargain priced used Accucraft 1:20.3 D&RGW Freight Cars...Prefer Moffat logo, but will consider earlier Royal Gorge or later Flying Rio Grande schemes. I'd like to avoid cost of shipping...
  15. Live Steam
    Please note classified listings for LIVE STEAM for live steam locomotives and ROLLING STOCK for passenger coaches which match locomotives for sale. All contact is to be by email to: [email protected] Thanks.
  16. Rolling Stock
    COACHES FOR SALE: As a result of moving towards more 7/8ths and 16mm scale locomotives and rolling stock, I'm thinning out my collection of 1:32 and locomotives and rolling stock and IOM locomotives and rolling stock. Inquire ONLY via email to: [email protected] All...
  17. Live Steam
    I'm looking to finally fire up my Accucraft live steam Lilly Belle after all these years. I'm not much for chasing after engines, especially on a garden railroad, so I'm thinking of adding a RC servo to at least control the J-bar. Has anyone done this or something similar? I've heard good...
  18. Beginner's Forum
    Hello, Can someone help me with taking apart an Accucraft K-36. I am looking to get into the front of the smoke box and need to know if it just pulls off or is there another way it comes off. Bill
  19. Live Steam
    For sale is an Accucraft PRR T1 together with a matching 11 Car Streamlined Passenger Train with the Loewy two toned maroon and gold striped paint scheme as manufactured by David Leech. The T1 (Serial No. 13) has 8 to 10 runs with the matching Coaches at Diamondhead, the Pennsylvania Live...
1-19 of 29 Results