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  1. Model Making
    Here is some 1:32 scale roller bearing trucks i drew up in Fusion 360 and then had 3D printed and sent to me. I've had an interest in making mostly prototypical scale 1:32 modern north American freight trains for awhile now. This version i made needs some clearance tweaking for the wheels and...
  2. Beginner's Forum
    I've been out of it for more than 10 years and my G/1:32 Garden RR rolling stock, engine and assorted figures have been in storage. I always thought that I would rebuild in 1:20.3. BUT now that I pulled them out and considered selling/disposing of the collection, all the memories came rolling...
  3. Rolling Stock
    MTH Railking Gauge One (1:32 scale) steel caboose lettered Boston & Albany. Box and insert are original but the box is a little beat up (normal wear and tear from transporting to shows, steamups, etc.), the caboose itself is used but is clean and in excellent condition with no visible damage...
1-3 of 3 Results