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1:20.3 rolling stock
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  1. Rolling Stock
    So I have a wonderful wife and for Christmas she gifted me with two Accucraft J&S coaches for my 1:20.3 D&RG that I'm just starting into. I only have a Stock Ruby so far for tractive effort. With glee I set my two coaches behind it and it just couldn't start the consist moving. I gave it a...
  2. Rolling Stock
    WTB-Used Accucraft D&RGW 1:20.3 Freight cars with delivery to ECLSTS at end of March Looking for a deal on bargain priced used Accucraft 1:20.3 D&RGW Freight Cars...Prefer Moffat logo, but will consider earlier Royal Gorge or later Flying Rio Grande schemes. I'd like to avoid cost of shipping...
  3. Model Making
    Hi, I have an Aristo Craft C-16 that I want to do something with. Its a great runner and it tracks well, but I model 1:20.3 and I don't really have much of a use for it. I would like to find some way to kit bash it into a 1:20.3 model of some sort. Has anyone attempted this? If so I would love...
  4. Rolling Stock
    Short version: What do most people now use for wheels and trucks in 1:20.3? Longer version: Okay, so I stopped modeling Fn3 about 10 years ago because it was just so hard to remember all the different sizes/scales and I didn't have the space or money for a layout other than in N (so I've been...
  5. Model Making
    I am new to scratch building and have chosen to build Westside Lumber Company Caboose #3 as it was in the year 1940. This is a build log and a learning experience for me. Please feel free to share your ideas on scratch building with wood, brass and styrene. High Hopes, Corbin
  6. Model Making
    I'm about to attempt dis-assembling two Accucraft Jackson Sharp cars, one coach & one combine, preperatory to re-painting them. Has anybody taken one of these apart -- or better yet, put one back together? I visited the Accucraft site, hoping to find an exploded drawing, or sumthin, but no joy...
1-6 of 6 Results