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Left is a Accucraft Draincock: AP21-613

Right is an Accucraft Needle Valve

Accucraft majority pipe fittings, bushings, etc., threads are Metric M5x0,5.
Regner (Germany) offers wide range of M5x0,5 thread pipe fittings
Jason, The Train Department is a Regner Dealer.
This is the Regner Katalog, pg 41-47 pipe fittings.
(Link is a little wierd, you have to backup a page to see the cover. (?) )

To interpret (without translation) the Regner Catalog you need 4 things;
a. picture
b. thread
c. part number
d. price (use exchange calculator)
Then talk to Jason.

Water Glass Fix Options
1. Globe Valve Below the FloorBoard;
Replace the Site Glass bottom Banjo Fitting and Banjo Bolt with a Regner Globe Valve (Straight through or Right Angle) M5x0.5 directly. You will have to drill a hole in the floorboard for an extension pipe and Globe Valve below the floorboard. The extension pipe will have to be assembled with other Regner fittings that might not be designed for such a purpose but a little creativity goes miles. You will need M5x0,5 Stop Nuts to put the fittings together in the limited space below the floorboard.

2. Globe Valve Above the FloorBoard;
Replace the Site Glass bottom Banjo Fitting and Banjo Bolt with a Regner Globe Valve.
It's possible but a lot more complicated in the numbers and types of Regner pipe fittings to adapt. Better to leave this option alone unless you are absolutely opposed to drilling a hole in the floorboard.

3. Replace the Sight Glass entirely with a Regner Sight Glass. Page 43 Regner Katalog.
You will also need some other pipe fittings to put this together.

One option has a blowdown built in with M6x0,75 thread. Using this would But it seems you might need a Regner thread reducer from M6x0,75 to M5x0,5 threads

Jason can fulfill all your Regner needs and wants and probably help with the assemblage.

Example of adapting a Regner Pipe Fitting
1. If you skip the Nut/Ferrule you have an Extension Pipe or a M-M Coupling.

2. Need 2 steam taps off the back head but Accucraft only gave you one.

3. Coupling
(Each end is HEX)

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