What is 1st Class Membership?

Here's your chance to help make myLargescale.com better!   All funds raised from
memberships will be used to make the site better including a better classifieds
system, auctions, chat, and improvements to the forums!  What else do you get in
return?  Just take a look at this comparison chart:

Benefit MLS
1st Class
Cost FREE!! $2.00 per Month*
Access to browse, read, and post
in the myLargescale.com forums.
Access to browse and view and
bid on classified ads and auctions.
Enter myLargescale.com contests.
Receive the myLargescale.com Dispatch newsletter.
Post classified ads.  
100 MB web site at 1stClass.myLargescale.com  
Advertisement sidebar free browsing!  

So how much is this going to cost you?  Annual membership for a 1st Class membership is only $24 per year. 

Become a supporting member of  myLargescale.com now by clicking on the 1st Class Button!!  If you are already a 1st Class Member, or if you made a payment and aren't sure if you are active, you can check on the status of your account by clicking on the 'Check Your Account Status' button.

Get Onboard The Train!!
Get Onboard
The Train!!
Upgrade to 1st Class!!
Upgrade to
1st Class!!
Check Your Account Status
Check Your
Account Status
* Based on $24 yearly membership

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