Nov 10 - Dec 10 Photo Contest

Member submitted photos of large scale model trains.

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Gardenland Express at Ozark Botanical Garden
By Shep on 12/12/2010 8:58:07 AM

With borrowed plywood and cinder blocks from Lowes, track and trains from Northwest Arkansas Garden Railway Society, and volunteer decorators from the Botanical Garden, it all came together. Attendance has been great. With five tracks constantly running and lots of decorations, it keeps the attention of kids young and old

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12/14/2010 3:50:55 PM
Look new MLS members taking a interest
12/14/2010 6:54:15 PM
Hi caferacer, Not too new, check by frequently and have enjoyed your work along with a lot of other great pics. It has been a while since I posted a pic. It has been real cold here in Fayetteville so getting to run trains inside a large heated building has been a lot of fun. We decided last winter that outdoor setups had to stop as the wind blows the cars off, engines operate poorly below freezing and operators just freeze. Shep

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